Most people seem to have a knee-jerk reaction against the idea of a future one-world government. I don't.

Here's why I speculate that we will become a OWG:

  • Democracy. I feel that, in the future, representative democracies will diminish and direct democracy will make it's second, and permanent, debut since it's conception in ancient Greece. It was feasible and preferable then because city-states were small enough that everyone taking the time to vote on every decision was realistically possible and efficient. With world populations today, this was not the case, and so representative democracy was born. So how will it become preferable and efficient again when it hasn't for so many thousands of years? Because technology will soon be ready to handle the tasks that will be required to pull it off. (I love answering my own questions.)
  • Technology, specifically computers and the internet, will one day be so accessible, powerful, and complex that everyone will be constantly connected through implants and devices. A hundred years ago it would seem farfetched if you said that "one day, telephones will become so accessible that even some homeless people will have mobile ones in their pockets." Today, this is a reality. This will be the case for internet connectivity. There have already been successful research on being able to enhance learning through sleep, learn via downloads, and boost memory. It's with the future fruits of this labor that will help build these techno-centric direct democracies of the future. With our 24/7/365 connectivity and instant learning abilities we will be able to immediately gain full knowledge of an issue/bill/plan/etc. and vote our yays and nays within a matter of hours, if not minutes. Tyranny of the majority will be extinct as everyone will be able to absorb information in a non-stop live stream from everyone. Full awareness and high education thresholds will help create a world where majorities are quick to help new oppressed minorities that may come up in the future. When thinking of the internet today, this seems rife with scandal. Identity and anonymity on the internet gets called into question.
  • Identity and the structuring of internet connectivity will change with the growing of our desire for communication. IP addresses will not be assigned to households or businesses but to individuals. These new numbers will be synonymous with the Social Security Number of the current USA. This combined with DNA, iris, and fingerprint scanners among other ways of identifying individuals will be used together everywhere in quick, automated ways. Ways that won't even require placing body parts on scanners or podiums or standing at checkpoints. It will be easier than holding up a badge to a scanner box to access a locked door, and have far more built-in redundancies to confirming identity that won't hinder the individual. This will be far, far more air-tight and less time consuming than current security measures. It won't be flawless, however. There will need to be protective measures to ensure identity theft is as difficult as possible to pull off.
  • Protection of one's identity will be easier than it is today. It will require extensive cosmetic surgeries to obtain another person's identity. Minority Report comes to mind, doesn't it? However it is more than just a change of eyes. It's eyes, fingerprints, facial and body recognition, and DNA too. Of course, the medical establishment is not one to go without advancements either. surgical and cosmetic procedures will become faster, bloodless, and allow for a vast amount of new ways to reshape the human body. Even genetic engineering will come about in such a way where changing your DNA will be like piercing your ears: an event that triggers a change that happens over a few weeks to a few months depending on what's being done. However, these changes will not effect gamete DNA. Your offspring will not be effected by your genetic engineering and that will be the DNA that will be detected. Strict regulations will be agreed upon over what engineering can and can't be permitted against the will of potential unborn children. These advancements in cosmetic changes we will be able to do to ourselves will cause some new forms of security to be put into place. Before your change happens, it will be submitted to the system to make sure somebody else doesn't have your exact same form. Much like submitting usernames on a sign-up page for a website. After procedures, your new form will be synced up to your identity profile. That same thing we'll have to lock us to personal IP addresses. Doing this off the grid will be preposterously difficult. Not impossible, but difficult. The future isn't without imperfections. There will never be a time where things are perfect. But this will come far closer than it is today.
  • Unity will come later, after these systems start growing and stabilizing. First whole nations will use this to start digitally electing their representatives. It will become so quick, cheap, and secure that, because of everyone's interconnectivity, big budgets will no longer be needed to campaign and, with people being far more informed and educated by this future super-internet, there will be less corruption and influence by corporate greed and lying politicians as a result. Regardless, these representatives, these executive branches and parliaments will become figureheads rather than decision makers. Then, they will be dismantled years later. This will be awkward and uncomfortable. There may even be peaceful and/or violent protest to break past this point. Perhaps it will be the last war humans will face. I'm not sure. But countries will become true, direct democracies. Afterwords, countries that share borders, common interests, and/or common economic and political goals will unite and make decisions together. This will unite massive regions. At first, things like race, religion, and historical oppositions will prevent certain, future government conglomerates from joining, but with the continued growth of the world's intelligence through the already mentioned technologies these differences will be put aside and forgiven and embraced and these last groups will unite at last. The whole world will finally be one, massive, direct democracy.

Of course, we won't be reaching that final point soon. This will happen gradually over the next couple of centuries. Many of these things can't happen without other things happening first.

I'd really like it if this happened and I genuinely feel like it is the direction we will, or at the very least should, go in.

"Government is the name we give to the things we choose to do together"

I love this quote. Ideally, that is exactly how I think government should be. It should just be the gearbox of The People. A "service" that we collectively pay into to improve all of our lives and take care of each other with in a way we could only do by coming together.